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At time of first inspection Brisbane Safety Pool Inspections can make any small adjustments at no cost or minimal cost depending on the degree of difficulty. This allows the pool owner to comply first time and see the Safety Certificate Form 23 issued quickly. For other repairs the pool owner has a period of 90 days to carry out modifications and repairs and is required  to Contact Brisbane Safety Pool Inspections to arrange a re-inspection.

The 7 most common issues that result in a pool failing a safety inspection:

  1. Non compliant gate latches and/or hinges
  2. Distances between vertical member are greater than 100mm
  3. Distances below bottom railings are greater than 100mm
  4. Climbable objects abutting the pool enclosure (trees, air conditioning units)
  5. Fence height is below 1200mm
  6. Climbable fence rails on neighbouring fence line
  7. No current pool resuscitation sign secured in a visible location (we can supply one for $35.00)

Every pool in Queensland is required to be complaint with the pool safety standards before 30th November 2015 or prior to sale or lease. Brisbane Safety Pool Inspections will only issued a Pool Safety Certificate Form 23  after a pool barrier fence inspection has taken place and Brisbane Safety Pool Inspections  is satisfied that your pool fence complies with the latest pool safety legislation.

Pool Safety  Inspections Brisbane


If  Brisbane Safety Pool Inspections find any non-compliance issues, you will receive a full written report outlining:

Safety Inspection

Don't Delay Contact Brisbane Safety Pool Inspections so that your Pool is Registered as a  Safe Pool.

  • The non-compliance issue
  • Photos of the non-compliance  pool barrier
  • A solution to make to barrier compliant